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VIP charter
The service includes the rental of a luxury business jet. All components
of the VIP flight will be adjusted based on your preferences. Our
company organizes charter VIP flights for any number of people.
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Empty Legs
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The most profitable option for renting a business jet, which you can
purchase with a discount of up to 75% from the regular price of the
flight. The price also includes a full range of business services on board.
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Renting a seat in a business jet and flying in the chosen direction at the
date and time specified by the airline.
Loyalty system
Special conditions from our partners
discounts on
Premium cars
We also offer an exclusive
mileage system.
The accrual of which will start from your first flight. Every 100
kilometers in flight you are awarded 10 points, where each
point is equal to 1 €. With the accumulated points you can pay
up to 15% of the cost of the next flight.
Tracking previous
The loyalty system for our passengers includes the
ability to track all information about previous flights,
track the status of a future flight and take advantage of
special offers from our partner companies.
Night clubs
About us
Jet Aero is an air brokerage company that has been on the market since 2023. We organize flights all over the world
with the highest degree of safety and comfort.
The priority of UnoJet is the privacy of passengers, which is why we have connected a special system of classifying
information in your personal account.
Our team of professionals are trained annually to provide you with the most reliable flight anywhere in the world.
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